MU Activity Log

ADD_MUACTIVITY_LOG() is another undocumented symbol that can come in handy. At Blackbird, we use this when we want to record that a handout has been printed. It would be natural to store it in an OBS, but because the CQR reporting system looks in the activity log to see whether or not to count these events, it is best to record them there.

The function signature looks like this:
{ADD_MUACTIVITY_LOG(<ID>,<user>,<handout name or path>)}

{ADD_MUACTIVITY_LOG(12,USER.LOGINNAME,"Handouts\BBS\Weight Reduction Diet")}

Below is a list of acceptable TypeIDs

Getting a List of All Users

The MEL function to get lists of users takes, as a parameter, a list of locations of care.  However, what if you are writing code where you want all the users and don’t know what locations are in the system where the code will be running?

The answer is that you can get the root location and pass that into the function.

{GET_USER_LIST(find('AllLocation', 'ABBREVNAME', 'LOCID', 0),"","Delimited",true)}

Note! the last parameter above is undocumented. It filters out the roles for each user in the result list.