Blackbird Archive

Meeting your regulatory obligations for data archival doesn’t mean you have to move your data somewhere else. Why shouldn’t it stay on your network? We want to make sure that you have efficient and convenient and cost-effective access to your clinical data whenever you need it.

  • Migrating away from athenaPractice
  • Protection against outages or connectivity problems
  • Secure, on-demand and read-only access to chart data from other applications
  • Access directly via URL or browse in the application

Key Features

  • View patient contact information
  • View patient relationships
  • List and view documents – including attachments
  • View paperclip attachments in patient registration
  • List and view all clinical lists (active and inactive)
  • Display recent flowsheet data
  • Link directly to patient data from external applications
  • On or offline access to clinical data

Search for Patients

Search by PatientId, Date of birth or Name.

Document List

All documents are listed in reverse chronological order, select a document or click the paperclip to view an attachment.

Clinical Lists

Key clinical list items are presented here for your review. Active and inactive, problems, medications, allergies, directives and immunizations.


Any configured flowsheet may be selected and the last several observation values will be displayed.