“Helping you get the most from your EMR”

Blackbird Solutions, Inc. provides consulting and software solutions for healthcare organizations, content organizations and clinical systems developers. We specialize in projects designed to improve or implement clinical decision support solutions within the healthcare enterprise.

Effective clinical decision support is enabled through three key platform components: Creating the right workflows for documenting the clinical encounter; bringing patient data together by providing the right interoperability solutions; and creating the right analytics and reporting solutions to measure the performance of your organization.

Custom Workflow

Getting good data into the system is foundational for analyzing performance and for improving the delivery of quality healthcare across your patient population. Our engineers work with large and small organizations to help providers document precisely what they what to capture while delivering the discrete data required for reporting and analysis.


Modern clinical applications must be able to share data. Maximization of the value in this communication is something we can help you achieve. Blackbird can work with you to move data to and from registries, HIEs and reporting systems. We can build QRDAs, CCDs, other HL7 documents and implementation guides to facilitate integration with external systems.

Analytics and Quality Reporting Systems

Writing reports against your clinical system can often be done against transactional databases. Blackbird can also help you extract the data you need to build data warehouses and reporting systems.These systems are designed to deliver more complex analysis to answer the business and clinical questions you are dealing with.

Custom Engineering

We use Agile development methods to build custom clinical applications. Our engineers can create software to order using our internal infrastructure or we can work as an experienced part of your development team to build the tools and products you want.

Knowledge Representation

We work with content providers and system developers to help design smarter clinical applications. Our years of experience in the healthcare domain helps transform standards of care into models of clinical structures, conditional and procedural logic. We have deep practical experience working with clinical terminology such as SNOMED and ICD as well as drug databases including RxNorm, Medi-Span and FirstDatabank. We can work with you to build intelligence directly into your workflows, develop knowledge products, or integrate content delivered by third parties into your systems.