The Blackbird Content Framework

Introducing a new way to think about content!

The Blackbird Content Framework brings an entirely new approach to working with your patient chart at the point of care. Based upon the powerful Centricty “HTML form” capabilities, the Blackbird framework provides an intuitive, smart, and flexible way to perform your chart management and documention workflows. “Ease of use” now takes on a whole new meaning!


  • Easy to use:
    • New users can perform a full chart review and simple documentation tasks with no training
    • Veterans will save time, deliver higher quality, and run into fewer reimbursement headaches with the fully actionable clinical decision support
  • Easy to install
  • Automatic updates
  • Expanding list of features:
    • Full “no-click” keyboard navigation through the patient chart
    • Streamlined clinical list management
    • Problem list features:
      • Fully integrates IMO’s problem look-up technology with the Centricity EMR
      • Easy and fast problem look-up, including use of synonyms
      • Easy coding of uncoded problems
      • Easy conversion of expired or invalid ICD codes
      • Easy conversion of “initial visit” to “subsequent visit” codes
      • Problem look-up results in fully billable codes
      • Automatic duration setting for acute, self-limited problems
      • Medicare Advantage risk adjustment scores can render within the problem list
      • Sites have the option to disable end-user editing of problem descriptions
    • Advanced flowsheet viewing and data entry
    • Integrated clinical decision support
    • Progress note features:
      • Integrated spell checking
      • Complete control over what, how, and where information appears in the progress note
  • Basic framework is free
  • Premium services are available

Blackbird Content Framework FAQ

What is the Blackbird Content Framework? What does it do?

The Blackbird Content Framework is a web application that serves as a ‘shell’ for the Centricity EMR and CPS products. During a patient encounter it can be activated via an encounter form button or a quick-text macro. Once it is open, the framework reads information from the chart, quickly processes the data, and then presents the information back to the user in an easy-to-read, easy-to-use format. It provides an advanced interface to navigate through the chart, manage the clinical information within, and leverage integrated advanced clinical decision support.The framework can take advantage of clinical content that you have already put to use in your office.  For example, you can export your existing flowsheets as a clinical kit, then import that file into the framework to continue using those flowsheets that are already tailored for the work you do.  What the framework adds, however, is it makes those flowsheets much easier to use, allows you to view multiple flowsheets at once, and makes it very easy to edit the information in a flowsheet.

The framework has been constructed with busy clinicians in mind. That means we have thought through each design decision to eliminate every mouse click possible and to streamline each workflow in ways that conventional encounter forms just can not do.

Our clinical reminders system, for example, lets you know when something might be falling through the cracks for a patient and presents a notification without interrupting your workflow.  The reminders are fully actionable, so if it is time to order a follow-up lab, the order can be placed directly from the reminder.

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Can it help us with ICD-10?


Blackbird has partnered with Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) to bring a “best of breed” problem search workflow into the framework. Our problem look-up serves as an adjunct (or alternative) to the Centricity problem search capability. Not only is it the easiest problem search tool that you could hope to use, but it returns the best *billable* diagnosis codes to associate with the problem while giving the clinician the latitude to express the problem description in a meaningful way.

Sound too good to be true? Request a demo and see for yourself!

How do I install it?

The Blackbird Content Framework leverages the new and powerful HTML capabilities which GE Healthcare has added to EMR 9.8+ and CPS 12.0+. To install the framework, all you will need to do is to place one very small HTML file on your Centricity JBOSS server. Once that file is in the proper location, you can bring up the framework from any active chart update via a quick-text macro or from a button on an encounter form.

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Will you be adding new features?

Yes! We are actively developing the framework to bring additional clinical decision support and progress note documentation capabilities.

The nice thing is, once you install the framework, you will *automatically* get to take advantage of new features as they become available, without any additional effort on your part. That’s part of the benefit of using an HTML-based framework!

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How much does it cost?

For the time being, Blackbird is not charging for the ‘basic’ Blackbird Content Framework. We would rather focus our energies on adding new features.

If you would like to take advantage of the advanced Problem Search feature, a small subscription fee will be necessary. That cost is $165/provider/year (less than most people spend on a newspaper subscription).

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How can we get it?

We will gladly provide you with everything you need to get the Blackbird Content Framework installed at your site and walk you through the quick and simple process. Just let us know you are ready!